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Among all the fleet units, the capacity being used is only around 90% while the rest is saved for reserves, used in case there is ever a fleet that suddenly breaks down or a sudden request from  a customer. The temperature for the air conditioning of frozen goods ranges from  -20℃ to 0℃.

Fleet maintenance is carried out continuously and the procedures applied by our workshop are in accordance with ATPM standards so that the fleet undergoing maintenance can function optimally. Maintenance of the fleet itself includes maintenance of engines, tires, air conditioners and boxes.

During the process of receiving goods, the driver will count the number of cartons or boxes or the number of packs sent whether they are in accordance with the Surat Jalan (Delivery Note) (assuming the cartons sent are sealed and packed intact, if the seal and packing are not intact then the contents will be checked inside to ensure the number of pieces is in accordance with the Surat Jalan). After the goods are put into the fleet, the cargo doors will be locked with a padlock to ensure the safety of the goods during the trip. When the goods arrive at their destination, there will be a helper who will help safeguard the goods and vehicles when the driver reports to the recipient that the fleet has arrived and begin the procedures for handing over the goods such as the process of receiving goods. Damage and loss of goods caused by our negligence is already a part of our responsibility, except for those caused by force majeure (natural disasters and riots).

The company also produces cooler boxes for our own use with quality that is not inferior to the box maker vendors who have often worked together. The ingredients used for making boxes is of great quality such that the internal temperature is maintained and the quality of the goods are always guaranteed.

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