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PT. Berkah Ananda is a refrigerated transportation company that was formed in June 2008, located on Jl. Kapuk Kamal No. 50, Kamal Muara - Penjaringan, North Jakarta with a land area of ​​± 1,400 m² and on Jl. Raya Kosambi Timur No. 25, Kosambi Timur - Kosambi, Tangerang with a land area of ​​± 4,700 m². PT. Berkah Ananda is a company that is purely engaged in refrigerated transportation services, and does not dwell in production. Currently, the company transports a wide variety of products, both frozen and chilled, including various kinds of meat, ice cream, milk, fruits and vegetables.


PT. Berkah Ananda is now supported by ± 120 units of trucks with a cooling system consisting of Built Up, Tronton Long, Tronton, 6 Wheel Fuso, 6 Wheel Colt Diesel, and 4 Wheel Colt Diesel for deliveries to Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, and also contracts for use in  cities where only Fuso 6 Wheels, Colt Diesel 6 Wheels, and Colt Diesel 4 Wheels can be used.


To become one of the best and most competitive refrigerated transportation service companies in Indonesia.


To provide top-quality service in an effort to satisfy customers.


At this time PT. Berkah Ananda is supported by highly experienced and competent staff in their fields. The professionalism of the company becomes the basis for management to provide top-class maximum service to customers which is realized by consistently providing reliable deliveries.

Prospective drivers are accepted through selection and training conducted by field coordinators for 1-3 months to determine whether they can become drivers after being assessed for their performance, attitude / behavior and compliance with company operational standards. The turnover rate of drivers who pass the selection is very low and the rate of accidents committed by drivers is almost non-existent for major accidents and a small number for minor accidents (bumps and grazes).

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